Colombian Gold 1970s

Strain: Colombian Gold 1970s
Strain Type: 100% Sativa from Colombia
Type: Regular seeds (male - female)
Flowering times: 120-130 days/ December-January
Yield: Average
Bouquet: Sweet, fruity and peppery
Effect: Positive and uplifting

Colombian Gold is a Rare Cannabis Sativa strain which has been kept going by a  colombian family since the 1970s These seeds are  regular.


This landrace strain has extraordinary vigorous growth, also during bloom, so a short vegetative period is recommended, as well as using different pruning and training techniques to control its height.


Colombian Gold  develops flexible branches and has a long flowering period that may take up to 18 weeks, so it is not advised for novice growers.


Your patience will be rewarded with resinous and voluptuous buds, with sweet, fruity and peppery smell and taste, very long lasting. The effect is typical of pure Sativas, positive and uplifting.

Colombian Gold 1970s